Company Profile: Facebook

Facebook in the news: 

The company formerly known as Facebook, now Meta, has been a major tech company for nearly two decades and continues to disrupt both the tech sector and policymakers. With the company’s recent focus on the metaverse and the creation of an alternate universe on the blockchain, there is bound to be new legislation and policy created to surround the expanse of Meta’s networks. Meta has already been in conversations with Washington in order to prepare its future, and further lobbying attempts are virtually guaranteed. More recently, however, the company has conflicted with the Canadian government surrounding the Online News Act, Bill C-18. Having just previously battled out the same topic with policymakers in Australia, Meta is lobbying for movement on policies surrounding the proposed news revenue sharing within Canada. This comes on the tail end of years of controversy and scandal following Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and the revelations shared by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen about misinformation and Facebook’s news feed.  

Who lobbies for Facebook? 

Currently, Gregory Francis, Kevin Chan, Rachel Curran, and finally Garrick Tipaldy (the managing director of Facebook Canada), deal with the lobbying efforts for Facebook Canada. Both Kevin Chan and Rachel Curran have previously held public offices from 2004 to 2013 and 2005 to 2015 respectively. Rachel Curran has previously held the positions, in chronological order, of Director of Parliamentary Affairs at employment and social development Canada, Director of Parliamentary Affairs and Issues Management at the Treasury Board, Policy Advisor at the Prime Minister’s Office, Director of Personnel and Administration at Prime Minister’s Office, and Director of Policy at the Prime Minister’s Office. Kevin Chan previously held the following Senior Analyst at Privy Council Office, Executive Assistant at the Privy Council Office, Director at the Privy Council Office, Special Advisor at the Privy Council Office, Director of Policy Office of the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons, and Director of Policy and Research at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. This shows the depth in which the lobbyists for Facebook have previously held valuable and influential positions within the government. Facebook is actively employing previous government employees in an effort to benefit from the knowledge, networks, and connections of these former government employees. 

What does Facebook lobby about? 

Facebook/Meta lobbies on the subjects of infrastructure, science and technology, and telecommunications. More specifically Facebook has registered its interest in lobbying about online digital programs (digital platforms), international telecommunications policy, and global broadband connectivity options. Their registration also notes that they engage with the government on taxation matters, especially with the proposed digital services tax. 

What government institutions does Facebook lobby in Canada? 

Facebook lobbies with a long list of 13 government entities ranging from: 

  1. Canadian Heritage,  
  1. Competition Bureau Canada,  
  1. Elections Canada,  
  1. Finance Canada, Global Affairs Canada,  
  1. House of Commons,  
  1. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada,  
  1. Leaders’ Debates Commission,  
  1. Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada,  
  1. Prime Minister’s Office,  
  1. Privy Council Office,  
  1. Public Health Agency of Canada,  
  1. Public Safety Canada, and finally  
  1. the Senate of Canada.