Technology companies increasingly lobby the Canadian federal government.  Does this mean that technology companies are exerting more influence? What subjects do they lobby about? Which departments and people do they lobby?

Thetechlobby.ca is a project led by Sara Bannerman joined by a cross-country team of researchers examining various aspects of tech companies’ lobbying of the Canadian federal government.


This project draws on records contained in the Canadian lobbying registry and a large corpus of government documents obtained via access to information requests. This information allows us to gain insight into the relationships between technology companies and federal government agencies and departments. Read more about our data here.

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The TechLobby Annual Report for 2023 focuses on the federal lobbying of Google, Meta/Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Disney, and Microsoft in 2023.

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Our research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, McMaster University, and the Canada Research Chairs program.